Discover the Mind 300

Discover the Mind: The Source of Inner Peace with Kadampa Meditation teacher, Chris Taylor

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“Happiness and Sufferings are feelings – parts of our mind – and so their main causes are not to be found outside the mind. If we really want to be truly happy and free from suffering we must improve our understanding of the mind.”How to Understand the Mind, Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Discover Buddha’s unique and accessible instructions on understanding our mind – the source of our happiness and suffering. In this course we will learn about the mind’s function and nature, the different levels of our mind, and simple but profound meditations. By meditating on the mind we experience it’s limitless potential, capable to universal love, profound wisdom and unceasing joy.

There will be a short break during the first session, time for discussion and a potluck lunch before the second session.

Everyone welcome, no experience necessary

$25 class fee