Meditation-for-Beginners-500Saturday, July 15, 10-12:30pm

With meditation teacher, Marlin Nissen

Meditation has so many benefits that we can begin to experience in daily life. But how do you meditate? In this course, you will learn meditation and the Buddhist approach to training the mind. Applying these methods in your everyday life will lead to happiness and a sense of purpose and harmony in your relationships.
This is a beginner course and open to everyone.
10-11am – Teaching #1 – the basics
  • what you will learn: 1) how meditation works to make the mind peaceful, 2) sitting in the correct meditation posture, 3) simple breathing meditation

11-11:30am – Tea Break

11:30-12:30pm – Teaching #2 – tools that bring success to our practice
  • what you will learn: 4) how to use mindfulness, alertness and concentration, 5) putting it all together in a final guided breathing meditation

Dress comfortably. Cushions and chairs are available.

$25/ class fee

About the teacher-

Marlin headshot4compressedMarlin Nissen

Marlin has studied meditation for about 20 years and over the past year and a half has been absolutely taken with Kadampa Buddhist. He says that nothing is left out of these teachings and shows the example of how they solve our day-to-day problems. Marlin teaches the Prayers for World Peace class on the first Sunday of each month