On behalf of Kirsten Dinauer (wife of Avery Dinauer) we will have a special Powa ceremony* at Mahakaruna Center on Wednesday, May 29th at 6 pm.

We hope you can join us to make special heart felt prayers for Kirsten as well as others who have recently died.  It is a beautiful practice appropriate for everyone.  Feel free to bring fresh flowers and other vegetarian food offerings if you wish.  There is no cost for this event.  Thank you.


*Powa, or transference of consciousness, is a profound method for transferring the consciousness of the deceased to the Pure Land of Buddha.  After a person dies and before they take their next rebirth, there is an opportunity for those who have some connection with them to guide their consciousness away from the painful rebirths of samsara and into the Pure Lands, worlds created by holy beings experiencing things in a pure way.

Powa Ceremony, a beautiful and powerful ritual practice drawn from the Buddhist Tantras, enables us to benefit the deceased by coming together as a group and making prayers and offerings on their behalf.  Then, through the power of our compassionate intention, strong prayer, and concentration on the practice, we transfer the consciousness of the deceased to the Pure Land of the Buddha of Compassion so that they will experience a pure and lasting peace and finally be freed from the painful cycling of suffering and its causes.