The Yellow Boxed set of books on our shrine is sadly out of date  :(  There are 4 new books since the box was created,  plus several new editions. This is not very auspicious. Giving something for the shrine generates a great deal of merit. And giving a book (or a sadhana) with the wish to gain an understanding of its contents is very helpful for our practice.

We not only need new books for the shrine, but quite a few sadhanas (prayer books) as well.  Sadhana means “method for accomplishment”, so if you wish to accomplish Liberation from Sorrow, giving Tara sadhanas will be a good choice.  We need over 50 new sadhanas.  

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If it says “sold out” next to a book,  that means someone else has bought it for the shrine.

Is this your favorite book?
Perhaps you cherish this as the first Buddhist book you read…
Would you like to gain the realizations of the Heart of Wisdom?
All proceeds from book sales go to the International Temples Project. This Temple is in Brazil, near Sao Paolo.Link to the ITP.
Out of compassion for living beings, Buddha taught the Dharma, which is contained in the books we wish to place on the shrine.