Mahakaruna KBC Teachers

Kelsang Chogyop – resident teacher

Kelsang Chogyop is the main teacher at Mahakaruna Center.  She is a modern Kadampa nun, who has studied extensively and practiced Kadampa Buddhism for over twelve years under the guidance of Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.  Chogyop has taught meditation classes across the country.  She is known for her warm heart, practical teachings and sincere practice of the Dharma.

Chogyop teaches Wednesday night general classes, the in-depth study programs and various day courses, retreats and special events at the Center.

Kelsang Gamo – meditation teacher

Mahakaruna KBC is pleased to welcome Kelsang Gamo. She relocated to Sonoma County from Seattle recently.  Gamo has been a student of Kadampa Buddhism for many years, has been a teacher and administrator, and is dedicated to helping people improve their lives through meditation and Dharma teachings.

Chris Taylor – meditation teacher

Chris has been practicing meditation for many years.  With his warm and down to earth style, he delights in bringing Buddha’s teachings to the area.  Chris teaches Sunday morning Meditations for World Peace.

Steve Tuscher – meditation teacher

Steve has been a studying, practicing and teaching Kadam Dharma for many years. He is a skilled meditation teacher and is known for his clarity and skill in presenting these most beneficial teachings.